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china a-shares: the 3rd wave

China A-Share allocations continue to grow among Asia-Ex Japan, GEM and Global equity funds. In this report, we look at the latest trends in positioning among China A-Share companies, highlighting the stocks that made up both the first and second waves of investment, and identify 4 companies that have more recently captured the attention of GEM and Asia Ex fund managers - The 3rd Wave.


specialists in emerging market positioning, fund flows and Fund performance

Copley deliver unparalleled insights into emerging market positioning and fund performance. We focus on emerging market equity funds, covering over $350bn in assets across 189 active managers.


Positioning research

Our positioning research provides an extensive analysis of current and historical investor positioning across emerging market countries, sectors and stocks.  We monitor 189 of the world’s largest and most experienced emerging market fund managers.


Performance research

Our performance research is aimed at the GEM funds in our analysis. Our research provides marketing teams with powerful, independent data and insights on active fund performance vs benchmarks and peers.


 "Copley Fund Research has been invaluable for idea generation and stock selection, giving us an exhaustive view of both trends in the EM active equity space and potential contrarian positions. Copley’s work allows us to demonstrate how we differ from competitors and to explain active share and decorrelation as a key part of our offering. We love Steve Holden’s philosophy of providing excellent customer service and a ‘partnership’ relationship with his clients."

— Simon Pickard, GEM Fund Manager



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