China & HK Positioning Report

China & HK Positioning Report


In this report, we analyse China and Hong Kong stock holdings among the GEM funds in our analysis.

We analyse the latest published filings for all funds and aggregate together as of end April 2019. We show the most recent snapshot in positioning, time series data going back to 2011 and recent allocation shifts over the last 6 months.

The example content to the left shows a selection of charts and tables across different countries to give an understanding of how the research is presented. The actual report will be specific to the chosen country and include more granular and extensive data and analysis.


  • Global Position Summary

  • Country Holdings Overview

  • Sector Analysis

  • Manager Fund Weights, %

  • Manager Fund AUM, $

  • Aggregate Stock Holdings Analysis

  • Largest Individual Stock Weights, %

  • Largest Individual Stock AUM, $

  • Global Change Analysis

  • Sector Change Analysis

  • Individual Fund Weight Changes

  • Individual Fund Cash Flows

  • Aggregate Stock Change Analysis

  • Fund Level Stock Weight Increases

  • Fund Level Stock Weight Decreases

  • Fund Level Largest Stocks Bought

  • Fund Level Largest Stock Sold

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